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Many chess players are familiar with these seven points of "Deep" chess trivia;

DEEP THOUGHT (1979) - the fictional Deep Thought from the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy inspired the future chess computers name. .....and yes the answer 42 is correct!

DEEP THOUGHT (1989) - Garry Kasparov wins 2-0 against " World Computer Chess Champion " chess computer Deep Thought at the New York Academy of Fine Arts in New York City.

DEEP THOUGHT II (1991,1994) -an improvement on Deep Thought, this chess computer won the 1991 & 1994 North American Computer Chess Championships

DEEP BLUE (1996) - the renamed Deep Thought becomes the first chess computer to beat a current world champion in a game although Kasparov was triumphant with 3 wins and 2 draws and that one loss.

DEEPER BLUE (1997) - the unofficial nickname to the upgraded deep blue beats Kasparov 3.5 to 2.5 this time

DEEP FRITZ (2002) - managed a 4-4 draw against Vladimir Kramnik in the " Brains in Bahrain" matches

DEEP JUNIOR (2003) -plays Kasparov to a 3 - 3 tie


The following definitions may be less familiar to the average chess player ...... 

DEEP PURPLE (1968 to present)  -  classic british Rock Band best known for "Smoke on the Water"

THE DEEP (1977) - A scuba diving adventure movie based in Bermuda starring Nick Nolte, Jacqui Bisset and a white T-shirt.

THE DEEP (1966 to 1969) - an unfinished movie, written, produced and directed by Orson Welles based on the novel Dead Calm.

DEEP THROAT (1972) - both the name of a porno film and the nickname of a secret informant to the Washington Post regarding the Watergate scandal

DEEP END - literally its the end of the pool on the other side of the rope with those floats attached .... for strong swimmers only. Figuratively it's like a 1500 player trying to "stay afloat" in a game with a 2300 player!

"DEPENDS" - popular among the elderly and extreme casino goers ... perhaps the odd chess player as well?

DEEP "DOO-DOO" - what you found yourself in as a seven year old when you played toy soldiers with your Dad's chess men in the backyard and inadvertently " left one man behind"

DEEP DISH - a type of pizza made popular in Chicago, "unlike a professional chess player, it can feed a family of four!"

DEEP POCKETS - what you need to survive if you plan on trying to make a living playing chess!

Town of DEEP RIVER (1944 to present) - located in Ontario on the Ottawa River it is well upstream of the Chalk River Labs where most of its residents work. At one time it boasted the highest per capita of PHD's in the world ...... sidewalks roll up at 6:00 !

DEEP FRIED - to fry by immersing in a deep pot of fat or oil ....yummy!

DEEP FREEZE - to freeze food ( or bishops, knights, or rooks)  for conservation, deeply ......

DEEP WOODS OFF! - a popular bug repellant containing DEET, works on mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, flies, and pawns!

DEEP SIX - to bury something (as in 6 feet under) " let's deep six this en passant rule!"

DEEPAK CHOPRA (1946 to present) - a well known spiritualist, author and public speaker ....."rid yourself of negative emotions"