F this & Ph that ......


Online Chess is no different than any  portion of soceity, it provides a social atmosphere where one can participate from a minimal effort through to maximum.

Some people disable chat, some are non stop chat, chat, chat, blog, blog,forum.

I have found 98 percent are decent characters that just want to play chess while the remaining 3 percent can be somewhat annoying.

Just recently I have been accused of being a both a Fritzer and a Philidor!

My response of course was a Who and a What? ...... my answers of course required a Google and a Bing ......

Apparently my first detractor was accusing me of cheating by using a Fritz program .... how they can tell what program is used by online cheaters is anyones guess (I do have Chessmaster on an old gameboy but don't see how anyone could cheat with that) .....what I had been doing was folding laundry ...... make a move ........ load the dishwasher ....... make a move .......make a sandwich .... sorry. From this experience I learned that it was annoying to others to play what I call 30 minute speed chess .....spend 15 to 20 minutes doing chores while your clock is ticking down and about 5 to 10 minutes actually in front of the game thinking, moving, eating. Apparently leaving the game for 5 minutes and coming back with an amazingly brilliant (and out of character) move is seen as suspicious. I have also realized that its a little bit rude even though its online and I now try to limit my in-game galavanting.

My second critic was in fact just a friendly opponent pointing out to me that I had a tendency to defend similar to Francois-Andre Danican Philidor (some old chess dude!). I pointed out that I was in fact a Philistine as I am generally ignorant in the ways of old chess dudes.

This Filidor thing though has in phact piqued my interest in this particular dephence and seeing as how i have perphected the phirst two moves, I think I will read up on more of Phrancois' ideas.

Perhaps I am benefitting by participating in this small part of soceity.


Good Game!