f1 - b7

May 19, 2012, 10:59 PM |

... that was my move today ...f1-b7.

We really started yesterday, my daughters and I, by preparing b7. .... even leaving a garbage bin on b7 as a precaution overnight.

This morning, after breakfast, we removed the bin and completed the work required at b7.

Time to get started at f1. This move was "necessary" and was going to be done in one shot. Done right the first time ... no j'adoube.

We weren't moving a bishop, this was a Red Maple.

Our board? Our Backyard!

50 feet wide, and 50 feet of lawn between the back of the house and our back shed and veggie garden.

8 ranks about 4 ft deep, 8 files about 4ft wide..... the "weed" tree, now 10 ft tall was a keeper and needed to be moved from in front of the kitchen window (behind f1) to the newly dug hole at b7 (a7 would be too close to the fence, b8 too close to the shed)

... to make a short story shorter, the move was a success, my girls were great helpers (after 10 minutes they got bored and picked dandelions at f2 , Lucky (our dog) watched from the shade of another tree at b4) and the tree enjoyed some compost from g8 and some rain water from the barrel at h1.