Getting to the Bottom of the Bughouse

Apr 15, 2014, 9:17 PM |

I'm not there yet .... maybe never will be .... one question .... one elusive answer...

What is Bughouse?

a) A south Cali VW parts retailer. (Dude ..... where dya get those Ghia tins?)

b) Not all there. (Dude .... your ol lady is bughouse about that chess variant).

c) A chess variant (formerly known as double speed) ....(Dude .... did you just P-bomb my G7!)

d) Where roachs go to sleep. (Dude .... Sparky is chewin on one of the hotels I put under the sink

e) shmall of the shmabove.


OK .... really 2 questions , no answers (yet)

When did Double Speed Chess become Bughouse, Where, and by who? (is that 3 questions?)

Some say this variant originated in the sixties ..... no names, events, or dates seem to verify that, its speculation .... does ayone really remember the 60's? ...

(Was that old Donald Duck comic really illustrating "double chess", Did Chang-Eng play "Siamese chess"?)

I remember playing double speed chess (wayback) in the early 70's at the Toronto YMCA (before the move to the courthouse in the mid 70's)

I've also heard stories that it was played at the Pan Am Chess Championships in the early 70's.

When did it become "Bughouse"? ..... was it in the mid 90's with the popularity of some Internet Bughouse sites?

Where is the definitive history of Bughouse?