In Passing

Feb 11, 2012, 10:08 PM |

My Dad taught me the game of chess. The names of the pieces, how they moved, where they go on the board (how to set up a board - see "sideways" chess Blog) ... our board back then folded down the middle.

How they could capture went along with how they could check and how they could mate (no birds and bees yet I was much too young). Stalemates and draws were infrequent but also introduced.

Learning to castle was followed by learning to castle on the Queen side too. Pawns could be promoted (make mine another Knight! .....OK Dad maybe another Queen would be better....) .....I think the kids call it transmographying nowadays (what's promoting mean Daddy?).

Tactics and strategy were never mentioned. Game after game after game of pins and forks and mistakes were how you learned.

I am trying to remember all my Dad's lessons ..... one important lesson seems to have faded from my memory. Did Dad teach me how you could take your opponents pawn, after it has made its initial move to the fourth rank, In Passing?

Je ne me souviens, J'ai oublie.