Monday Morning Carpool Chess

Feb 14, 2012, 8:28 PM |

Dave: 'morning Fred!

Fred: G'day G'day, Jump in, lets go get Eddie first .....

Dave: Cold one this morning! Do any sleddin' this weekend?

Fred: Yep she's Fresh, Poker Run with my buddies old John Deere!

Dave: Don't see too many green sleds ......


Dave: There's Eddie now...

Ed: G'day gents! Fresh today!

Fred: G'day G'day! Balls, Brass Monkey   .... Kev 'll be waiting.


Ed: Pawn to King Four!

Dave: Pawn to king four to you too!

Ed: knight to king bishop three ......

Dave: We have time for Timmy's? .....knight to queen bishop three..

Fred: No time for Tim's, straight to the plant from Kev's. Here we are ....

Kevin: G'day lads! Fresh one this morning! Tires still square?


Ed: yep ..... bishop to queen bishop four.

Kevin: you two doing that again? forget your board?

Ed: I don't need a board.

Dave: bishop to queen knight four ....

Ed: Dave needs a board! ..... you can't do that Dave, try again?

Dave: I need a coffee.

Fred: .... and a board.

Kevin: out for moose.