New Years Chess Resolutions (better late than never)

In order to speed up my games, minimize the amount of thinking required, and reduce the desire to study book openings, ..... something has to change.

For the record, I have decided on the following 2 resolutions to govern all my games for the next year;

1. As "White" I will always open with e4. ("best by test" acccording to B.F.) 

2. As "Black" I will always open with d5. (perhaps I should study the Scandinavian?)


  • 4 years ago


    Ooops! How long did that last? (only 2 weeks!)

    I accidentally played e5 against an e4 opening tonight!

    So much for my April Fools resolution ..... which I may have even started taking seriously myself!

    I think I will start practising this Carro- Kann opening that I've heard so much about.

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