Apr 4, 2012, 8:42 PM |

To follow up on my blog of April 1st ( I was up past midnight on March 31st yet it was still dated the 31st....) ......

Yep, it was total fiction, a fabrication, not true at all, ..... an attempt at a chess-related "April Fools" "joke".

seeing as this is a chess blog-site, thought I would try think up something that could at least be plausible ..... as all the other sports governing bodies are periodically reviewing their rules and implementing changes (NHL & NFL for example)  .... why not chess!

(just a story remember personal opinion is leave the rules as they are .... the way I like them)

why not change up the game, make it faster, slower, more exciting to draw in the casual fans, safer for the players......

why not rescind the "controversial new rule "en passant"" and do it coinciding with the next World championship match! ......(still just joking)

so I imagined that FIDE would announce this after a vote by their 158 member associations through a fictional spokesperson "LIRPA SLOOF"...

(try those names backwards ...... A P R I L  and F O O L S)


Thanks to all those who read the blog, extra thanks to those who took the time to comment.


(they say a jokes not funny if you have to explain it ..... ...)