P is for Pawn, that's good enough for me ...

Mar 22, 2014, 9:23 PM |

Just wondering if the cookie monster plays chess ..... not really.

What I was actually wondering comes about from having kids, and picking them up after work at their daycare ..... and noticing a "special" box of toys off in a corner. These toys were not to be played with. They had been played with ... and could not be played with again until they had been "cleaned" ... or disinfected.

Why don't we have one of these boxes at our chess club!

Which leads me to the real question;

How do Germaphobes play chess?

Do they use hand sanitizer after every move, wear gloves, use tissues to move their piece. Or do they nudge the pieces with their elbows or kindly ask their opponent for a little help in the moving department.

Do they bring their own set and carefully screen their opponents for good hygene.

Do they buy economy chess sets in bulk and discard after single use.

Do they only play by correspondence, blindfold, or online (do computer bugs or viruses also cause them concern).

Which leads me back to the title of this piece ......

do they know that their is more bacteria found in that bowl of complementary nuts at the bar than on the Pub's toilet seats  (apparently not everyone washes their hands after "checking the plumbing") ... imagine how much is also upon a pawn!