PAGE 42 - Answers to Napoleonic Chess Quiz

May 9, 2012, 9:00 PM |

What started off as a joke has actually generated some requests for answers ...... hope this helps!

1. FALSE?  Who knows .... it is highly unlikely that anyone always played white (although I haven't found a documented game with Napoleon as Black)

2. FALSE. I just made that one up .....sounds credible? maybe..

3. TRUE ? Maybe .....while en passent was said to be introduced as a rule in the 1561 it was not widely acknowledged until 1880.

4. FALSE. Napoleon was only about 10 years old when Franklin visited France as the US Ambassador.

5. FALSE. The Napoleon Opening may be called a lot of things (terrible, bad, ill-advised, etc) but not the Franklin.

6. Maybe? I believe Napoleon was in Egypt when he heard of Josephines activities .....did he have a board with him?

7. FALSE. Just made that one up ......probably called the Queen "La Dame" as most do in France.

8. TRUE? Apparently there is some question of the accuracy of Napoleon's documented games

9. TRUE. Napoleon was said to have tested the Turk with a "game" full of illegal moves prior to playing and losing to it.

10a.  TRUE. Napoleon did not enjoy Neopolitan ice cream as he passed away in 1821, over 50 years before the ice cream from Naples Italy was introduced.

10b. FALSE. Checkered or checkerboard ice cream was not available to Napoleon.