Pawn by Definition

Jul 21, 2012, 10:40 PM |

Advanced Pawn - a pawn that has reached the 5th rank

Backwards Pawn - a pawn that is behind its own colour pawns on adjacent files and cannot safely advance.

Blocked Pawn - a pawn unable to advance due to the square immediately in front of it being occupied

Capped Pawn (pion coiffe) - the pawn which a stronger player chooses to checkmate his weaker opponent with as a type of handicap.

Central Pawn - a pawn on either the d or e file.

Chained Pawns - connected pawns on a diagonal.

Connected Pawns - two or more pawns of the same colour on adjacent files and not separated by more than one rank.

Connected Passed Pawns - connected pawns that are all passed pawns.

Doubled Pawns - two pawns of the same colour on the same file.

Hanging Pawns - a pair of pawns on adjacent files that are separated from their other own colour pawns.

Irish Pawns - another name given to tripled pawns.

Isolani - name given to an isolated queen pawn (IQP) by Nimzovitch

Isolated Pawn - a pawn with no pawn of the same colour on its adjacent files.

Kicking Pawn - an attacking pawn attempting to move an opponent piece.

Mobile Pawn Centre - pawns on central squares that can advance without weakening.

Outside Passed Pawn - a passed pawn on the a, b, g, or h file and is separated by a number of files from the other pawns.

Pawn Islands - groupings of one or more pawns on adjacent files separated by files with no own colour pawns.

Passed Pawn - a pawn that cannot be blocked or captured by opposing pawns in advancing to the eighth rank.

Poison Pawn - a pawn that is left undefended as its capture can lead to positional or material problems for the opponent.

Promoted Pawn - a pawn that has reached the eighth rank and has been transformed into a queen, rook, knight, or bishop.

Protected Passed Pawn - a passed pawn that is protected by its own colour pawns on an adjacent file

Pushed Pawn - a pawn that has been moved forward.

Steamroller Pawns - a pair of connected passed pawns

Tall Pawn - a humourous name for the bishop.

Tripled Pawns - three pawns of the same colour on the same file.

United Pawns - also known as connected pawns.

Weak pawn - a pawn that is not defended or defendable by a pawn of its own colour.

Wrong Rook Pawn - a rook pawn which promotes on the opposite colour to the bishop in a bishop and rook pawn end game .... the wrong rook pawn can only draw.