POP QUIZ: Napoleonic Chess


Just for fun, see how many of the following "True" or "False" you can get right!

1. Napoleon "always" played white. Lets change that to "primarily" played white .... nobody can prove always!

2. Napoleon's personal, hand-crafted, chess set featured a white King 6mm taller than the black king.

3. Napoleon never performed an "en passant" capture. (not sure if he ever "j'adoubed" either)

4. Napoleon would often play chess with Ben Franklin when he was in town. (and participated in a couple of correspondence games with him as well)

5. The "Napoleon Opening" should have been called the "Franklin Opening" from whom Napoleon borrowed it.

6. After learning of his Queen's infidelities (Josephine not the chess piece!), Napoleon did not play chess for one year.

7. After resuming his chess playing, Napoleon never again used the term Queen but rather used a French word not suitable for this blog.

8. Napoleon's games were poorly documented such that there are often conflicting versions of each.

9. Prior to his famous match with the "Turk", Napoleon played an unorthodox game full of illegal moves to test the "machine".

10. Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon did not enjoy "neopolitan" ice cream but preferred just the chocolate and vanilla in the checkered pattern.

That's it for now, have fun, answers will be on page 42 of next week's blog.