Roller Coaster Chess

Feb 25, 2012, 9:42 PM |

Good idea. Great pictures.

Wait a minute ...... these people aren't playing ..... they are posing for pictures .... these are staged shots ...... look at that one, the board is ripping ..... I can see  tape holding the pieces on ......

Lets face it, amusement parks don't want loose items being launched from their rides and injuring fellow riders or innocent bystanders below ....... some "creative" individuals however want souvenir coaster photos that are a little different.

Their solution:  Prepare a board in advance by taping or gluing the pieces into an interesting position on the board, hide it all under your jacket until you are well under way on the coaster, pull it out and strike thoughtful poses (as if you really played this way) when in front of the camera. Purchase souvenir photo (if you haven't been kicked out of the park).

A better Solution? : Lets have a real and complete game of chess played on a roller coaster. Perhaps it could be sponsored by a radio station and have proceeds or donations given to a worthy local charity (Sick Kids Hospital, Food Bank). This form of "extreme chess" doesn't have to be dangerous if well thought out and could provide some positive publicity for "our sport".

Rather than sneaking around behind the operators back ..... get permission and an active partner in the amusement park for the event.

A complete annotated game between 2 highly rated players (who must also be coaster enthusiasts to stomach the ride until the games conclusion ..... perhaps 30 minutes per player on the clock?) .... would be pretty interesting to watch.

A coaster would have to be chosen to allow a full size board (and clock) to be mounted securely between the combatants ..... additionally, an annotator, an arbiter, an MC and a camera operator would be in the same car. The board and pieces similar to those used in my whitewater "chess in a canoe" blog would be ideal for this ..... the magnets could easily withstand the G-forces created .... and there is no worry of capsizing.

Safety and liability concerns may all be met by wearing any suggested protective gear (helmets, goggles) and securing the "drop-zone" below the ride.

Perhaps we could also eliminate the "thoughtful, hand scratching chin" posing!