Oct 8, 2017, 10:16 PM |

At the risk of being flipPANT or SHORTsighted, here are the opinions of this Canadian chess PANTzer .... er, patzer.

It seems many of the recent World Cup particiPANTS had different interpretations of the dress code.

Nobody was trying to SHORT-circuit the regulations.

Accusations have been running ramPANT as to who is at fault and for what.

Some individuals involved have a SHORT fuse, they are SHORT-tempered.

Who has been caught with their PANTS down?
Who drew the SHORT straw?

Who was on the SHORT list?

We are not anticiPANT of a successful appeal.

The PANTry is bare.

This is not a PANTomime.

To make a long story SHORT, chess fans have been SHORT-changed.

Anton's play in the first and second rounds was nothing SHORT of JEANius!