Sideways Chess in Scarborough

Feb 1, 2012, 8:04 PM |

(phone ringing)

Scarboro Parks and Rec: Hello, Scarborough Parks and Recreation! How may we help you?

DaveOakRidges: Hi! Yeh, I got this number down at the park by my parents place in Scarboro...

SPR: Okay .... is this a vandalism report?

DOR: Yes, uh No, .... uh Maybe....

SPR: ?

DOR: You see, my Dad and I enjoy taking my kids down to that park and while they play, we take advantage of that table you installed.

SPR: Good to hear, we've installed those Chess tables in a number of our Parks! Is there something I can help you with?

DOR: Well .... Dad and I take a bag of chess pieces, a thermos of tea, and a couple of lawn chairs down there ...... Dad likes to watch his grandkids so he sets his chair on the lawn side .... I put my chair facing him, but my back is now to the kids and people are bumping into me and complain that I'm blocking the way .......

SPR: Sir .....We also installed seats at those tables. Has something happened to those seats?

DOR: No. No those seats are quite nice for somebody who might want to watch our game..... sometimes the kids will take a break and watch, or a neighbour might come by.......

SPR: Sir. Those seats are for the chess players. Why aren't you sitting in those seats?

DOR: Well Dad is not as young as he used to be, and prefers to sit in front of the board, his back is bothering him from twisting sideways to make his moves ..... and well we were just wondering if you could send a crew around to turn the table sideways to match the board with those seats?

SPR: Sir, its a square board built into a square table .... why would we need to turn it ..... why would you set up your pieces so that you sit sideways? It's exactly the same from all 4 sides!

DOR: Is there a manager or somebody who has played chess there that I may speak with?

(to be continued.......)