Teaching My Dog To Play Chess

Jan 27, 2012, 10:19 PM |

Lucky is getting old (13) and while he still enjoys it, we can't play frisbee as much with him because of his sore legs. He also enjoys walks ..... but then again who doesn't? .... you can't walk all day.

Why not Chess!?

I've heard of a dog who can open a fridge and grab a beer for his owner in exchange for a pretzel ...... why not apply the same method to chess?  (12 leather straps are looped around each of 12 bottles and a 13th is wrapped around the fridge handle .... a simple command sets man's best friend in motion).

My project will have to wait for the spring or summer weather (winter in Canada = snow) ....... 16 white lawn chess pieces + 16 black lawn chess pieces = 32 leather straps . Lucky is a medium to large dog so the pieces should be a good height for grabbing but not too tall so as to be knocked over by tail wagging .  A box of cookies, some beers (hmmmm ......no...... one thing at a time) and a big bowl of water.

Black or White , no problem , Lucky is both and we'll take turns anyway.

What to teach first? The names of the pieces? How they move? King side, then Queen side Castle, followed by en passant? Check, then Checkmate!

Now for the big question! Do I match wits against Lucky or work with him? Do I call Pawn to King four and let him do the work for me .....we can play as a team against my daughters.... or do I make my move and then let him take his turn?

Will pawns go missing ..... Lucky doesn't bury things but will take toys under the deck on a hot day .... and chew on them. Will this turn into a big game of ''Keep Away'' as Lucky lets us chase him around the yard?

Looking forward to a fun summer!

..... what's that on A-8?



Good Game!