The Pirc Pun Contest

Mar 10, 2014, 6:35 PM |

Thought I'd try another "fun" chess pun contest for all of you clamouring for more after our widely read but hardly participated in "Pawn Pun Contest". (

The Inspiration this time is Vasja Pirc, creator of the often used  and more often mispronounced Pirc Defense. Yes surprisingly it has come to my attention that I and at least ten others have been saying Pirc wrong ....... I am sticking to B07,B08, or B09 now.

Not having met the man personally, I do not know how he pronounced it himself. From my investigation here are the three ways people have been saying it;

1. Pirc  ...... just as its read and written by those who can read and converse in any number of Slavic languages.

2. "Perk" ..... an anglicized, americanized .... and widely used version of the great man's name.

3. "Peerts, Pirtz, Perch , .....etc" Anglo attempts at pronouncing the name phonetically.


So Lets let the fun begin ...... you be the judge ..... give us your best puns around whichever pronunciation you prefer .....

No prizes, just some laughs and some worthless "have a Taco" trophies for 1, 2 , and 3 in about 2 months time.....


I can't wait ..... I'm Pirc-d on the edge of my seat.

Maybe I'll get my tongue Pirc-d!

Objects in the mirror are closer than they a-Pirc.

The ideas are Pirc-olating now!