The Smell of Chess

Feb 3, 2012, 4:38 PM |

(Two Eyeballs are watching a game of chess ....... one eyeball says to the other ...... " Between you and me .... something smells!")

We see the board, the opponent, the pieces, the clock.

We are constantly thinking (OK that one is debateable).

We hear the click of the pieces hitting each other, the thump of pieces hitting the board, the slap of hand on clock ..... the constant ticking.

We touch the pieces, the clock, etc.

We taste, (nevermind ..... future BLOG idea).

What smell(s) do we associate with chess? Do certain smells just scream "Chess!", do certain smells remind you of games gone bye?

Does chess smell like your old public school library? An empty high school classroom after the last bell has rung? The lunchroom at the factory (quick .... one more game)?, The campus centre pub? A hotel ballroom (between balls of course)? Or fresh air at the park (with just a hint of deisel)?

Does it smell of competition? Fear? Cold Sweat ? Victory?

Does it smell of friends? family? loved ones (present and past)?

Does it smell of food, of drink, of smoke? 

Does it have that "new car", plasticy smell of the new tournament pieces you bought last summer?


My six year old is just out of the tub, she grabs the board, the pieces, and jumps into the big bed for a quick game (of "32 piece pick up" usually).

I smell strawberry shampoo.

(Did you hear about the dog with no nose? No, how does he smell? Terrible!)