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The Taste of Chess

Feb 16, 2012, 8:37 PM 1

(Please note that this blog is not to be taken literally ... Please refrain from licking your pawns, kissing your rooks, or tasting your rank and file ...... not without disinfecting first... nasty germs on bishops .....remember "top shelf only" if using the dishwasher.)

Many of you have been asking for this follow-up blog to "The Smell of Chess". While listing examples of our senses and how they relate to our favourite game, (Chess ....not MouseTrap!), I did not provide an example for taste but deferred to "future blog idea".

Well, here we go, ............................................ nothing.

In my multiple decades of playing chess, I can't think of one flavour that reminds me of the game.

not the steaming bowl of porridge with milk, then salt.

not the cheap taste of Beckers Cola with salt and vineger chips.

not the hot coffee and a fresh dutchie from the local T.H.'s.

not the stale smoke and a warm pint at the Duke's.

not a fresh pizza, or burger with fries.

not  steak and lettuce dinner at the in-laws.

A location, the sights, sounds, smells, and the people may remind me of past 'battles" ... just not the food.

Sorry, ... I have no taste for chess.

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