The TOUCH (untouch- long pause - retouch) MOVE

Mar 20, 2014, 6:59 PM |

Okay, he touched the knight. wait a minute. he let go.

What's he doing? he has to move it. this is rated. this is real.

He's thinking. where to move it . 6 possible squares. he better be thinking of moving that knight.

I'm not going to say anything. not yet. nobody likes the whiny kid that yells "hey you touched it!"

If he grabs another .....I'll calmly tell him "uh... you touched the knight".

his clock is ticking .no its not. its digital.... its ticking "on mute". how long will this take?

what if he forgets. he's old. probably 10 years older than me. he can't forget. he's still too good.

how long will this take. 5 minutes. 10? "uh.... you touched the knight 20 minutes ago"

it was definitely a touch. not a brush. he grabbed it by the head and pushed down before letting go. you don't let go. you gotta move it.

what if he denies. he won't deny. this guy is classy. he's the real deal.

I'd call the arbiter. just to say my side. I saw the touch.

I'm "up" anyway. I can win if he moves something else. what if he turns this around. a brilliant counter that I can't see yet.

30. Ndf3 .....

okay ... my turn.