The Upside-Down Rook

Jul 6, 2012, 8:58 PM |

1. Used to designate a Queen due to pawn promotion upon reaching the eighth rank when a Queen is otherwise not available.

2. The "Immobilizer" in the chess variant of Baroque or Ultima Chess, the "Tank" in the variant Tank Chess.

3. Usually the 2nd and 4th piece when you try to build the tallest tower between match games.

4. Not a type of cake usually baked with fruit in the bottom of the curved pan, removed carefully after baking, and served upside down.

5. Not a village in West Papua, Indonesia, noted for its seaturtles.

6. A type of crow that perhaps lost its balance and is just hanging on in the treetops.

7. To take money from someone by cheating, defrauding, or overcharging them while you are inverted ....

8. Wow! ..... cool ...... look .... green felt!

9. Not at all related to the phenomenom of tonic immobility when physically inverting animals such as sharks.

10. A lot more stable than an upside-down bishop or knight!