Vertical Chess !?

Aug 3, 2012, 8:48 PM |

I'm still trying to manage horizontal chess ..... now I'm hearing about  "vertical" chess .....

1. Climbing! (the walls)

 Whether you are talking about rock climbing, ice climbing, indoor climbing, or competitive "sport climbing" .... the enthusiasts are all saying "It's like vertical chess!"

2. (just hanging) On the Wall!

 These can be quite fancy production sets or rough do-it-yourself jobs .... Typically vertical chess boards hang on your wall, are framed like a painting, and have a shelf for each rank to place your chess pieces. Often used to display a prized chess set or to illustrate a current correspondence game or puzzle. Also good for OTB games although you are not really "over" the board now are you?

3. Resigned to Vertical Chess

 Not only is it just good etiquette to keep all your pieces upright and centred on their squares ..... (I don't like to j'adoube ...) .... but it is common practice to signal your resignation by laying your King down "horizontal".