Who Am I?

May 11, 2012, 10:56 PM |

Mr.B, Mr. Diagonal, B-Man, B-Dawg, Billy

The Bishmeister, Bishasaurus Rex,

The Vicar, The Cardinal, The Abbot, The Mitred One,

The wannabe Knight, Knights little sister, The Tall Pawn, The Oblique Rook,

Bishbosh, The pointy-headed one, Ishopbay,

Crackhead, Buttface, Penis

Mr. Fianchetto,

Alfil, Alfiere, Aufin, Alphin, The Archer, Alferu, Alfieri,

Flagman, Standard Bearer,

The elephant, Slon, Pil, Fil, Xiang, Gajah, Khon,

Cocatriz, The crocodile,

The camel, Unt, Usthra

The officer, Oficeri, Axiomatikos, Ofitser

Gojo, Oda, Umt, Futo, Sakatu, Haathi

The Shooter, Strelec, Goniec, Lovac, Lovec, Tekac

The counsellor, raadsheer

The runner, the messenger, Loper, Lober, Lopare, Laufer, Lahetti, Leefer, Walker, Ratz

The courier, kouriero

The chariot, Voutay, Ther, Ratha

Laidnis, Rikis

Le Fou, Nebun, The Fool, Jester, Crazy


Mandhiri, Tuong,

The Lock, Easpag, Esgob

Biskup, Bishoppu, Bispo



........The Bishop of Course!