The Miracle of Chess

Sep 5, 2010, 11:53 AM |

Have you ever considered what a miracle chess is? 

It is timeless in that it's origin is unknown exactly.  It is an allegory of the world in so many ways; two obvious ways are politics and war.  

According to historians, chess has changed somewhat from its original version, to us, it is never changing...always the same. 

Chess is known the world over, played in probably every country in the is like a universal language. 

It is mathematical.  It is a series of puzzles.  It is like life in that it is an ongoing cause and effect situation.  It is like life in that there are layers and layers of issues going on, not just what is on the surface.  There are truly hidden agenda in chess...just like in life.  

Please comment.  How is chess a miracle to you?  How does it reflect life to you?