the training attitude

Jul 14, 2010, 7:07 PM |

Having been on now for about 6 months has been very good in more ways than you might think.  It has encouraged me to get going again in a serious fitness program.  The idea here is training.  If one wants to play really good chess, and I do want to, one must do more than just play chess.  One must exercise and be disciplined.  You must read, study, practice, look at tactics, look at theory, try different styles, and keep it top of mind.   One must have an attitude of training.   This has become a big step for me, just to realize this simple truth. 

The same is true physically.  I'm 57, active, and fit by most people's standards, but not really in great shape.  I've decided I needed a goal and so, I'm going to run the Annapolis 10 miler again in about 7 weeks.  Next spring, I'll run the half marathon in Baltimore.  I've done the A-10 3 times before, but the last time was over 3 years ago, because I've been on a steady, lazy decline.  ...gained a little weight, stopped running, etc. , etc.  Recently, I found a personal trainer who has quickly helped me identify my barriers, which are pain, mental toughness, balance and strengthening, and again, I am so motivated.  I'm better at work, I'm more patient, I'm better at chess, the energy level is higher, I'm happier. 

This is what I look for in chess now.  A mentor who can challenge me, push me, teach me, and knock me down until I learn how to get up.  It's all about training.  I've got the idea fixed now.  Next step.  Find that mentor.