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Back from Vacation

Back from Vacation

Sep 25, 2017, 10:27 PM 0

I played about 5 or 6 games over the board during vacation and I also read through what I think is a bad opening book that I will write a review later.  Anyway, I played 3 games just now.  Here is the first game:



All in all I shouldn't have just been making moves.  I should have been thinking of when to trade off rooks or at least how because that rook could be used to assist a pawn push really easily as it was used like that in game.  I'm not really sure if this is always what should be done, but I at least should have went over what would have happened if I kept the rooks on the board and calculated it out seeing how it was a long game and I had over 10 minutes to think.  Lesson learned, use your time in long games grin.png

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