Back on Track again?  I say that too many times LOL?

Back on Track again? I say that too many times LOL?

Oct 4, 2017, 9:23 PM |

I havn't been playing much at all, which is bad.  Maybe I could just play one 15|10 game a day and then maybe some blitz just for the hell of it.  I know I'm suppose to be playing more 15|10 minute games but apparently something is going on because I can't get myself to play more than 1 sometimes if that at all.  One 15|10 minute game a day will be 7 games a week, that's more than what I play now.  Better than nothing!!


Anyway I played only one game recently at the 15|10 time control and I got to say I don't want to show that game because I had over 15 minutes on the clock after I won.  Yeah, that bad.  Sooner or later I will have to learn how to use all my time on the clock.  But for now it will be 1 15|10 a day and take the games as I go and make adjustments later.  


I did however get the chance to play against my friend, who I before said I estimated his playing strength to be around 1800-1900 Fide.  It could be lower, I mean I could be only 1200 Fide, and he could probably be more like 1650 Fide.  Which is probably more closer to the truth, but he has an advantage playing over the board in a blitz setting because he is darn good at blitz.


Anyway I am trying to remember the 5 games from memory as I played them I didn't want to video record the whole of 5 games I didn't want to hire a camera man.


Game 1



It's a lot harder to recreate these games than I thought.  So, I will continue in a new post next time.  Have a good night everybody who is reading this!