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Beating Unconventional Openings Part 1

Sep 6, 2015, 12:06 AM 1

I'm not much of a blitz player.  My long game is better than my blitz game even though I play blitz all the time.  I think that is so because I usually end up losing on time because I am not trying to gain time by simply just moving pieces I am trying to find a way to checkmate the enemy king.  I've noticed while playing 1 minute games that often times people use often stupid openings where they give up a good position by just making unnessisary pawn moves weaking thier position but only to gain time because they are hoping their opponent will try and find a way to exploit the weaknesses they created losing on time.  Another tactic I've encountered in the game I am about to show is a tactic that involves my opponent to allow me to grab a good pawn center but he later undermines it by snatching two of my pawns in hopes to create some counterplay, however, I've seen that the pawn structure here favors a kingside attack with the white pieces that proves fatal.  In short, this unconventional opening is nice, but gaining a few pawns in the opening isn't always good if, even though you gained material, your king is still under attack!

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