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Double Duck Copy Cat

Double Duck Copy Cat

Jan 23, 2018, 12:37 AM 0

I noticed something today.  I can remember the entire game against an opponent that is around 100 or more points or so below my rating.  When the person nears my level and goes above my rating, it becomes harder and harder for me to remember the moves.  Interesting isn't it?


Here is a game I recalled from memory, against an opponent who is far below my rating.  In this game, he copies my setup.  I think he makes the decision to do this because he secretly wants to win and embarrass me, and, he wants to take me off guard, and doesn't want to play a normal game with me.  I noticed he also doesn't accept any of my gambits.  Interesting...  I did that to someone else recently and a while back, offered a gambit, and what do the lower rated players do?  They decide not to complicate the game and just not accept the gambit.  Smart, but, gutless, in my opinion.


Here is the game:



My opponent was just copying my moves or my style of play.  He wasn't looking for tactics.  Which is why he lost.  Copy Cating in chess only works so far.  You'd have to consider other things rather than just making a move just because your opponent did it and you want to try and play the same way just to try and throw him off.  In conclusion, you'd need to combine Copy Cating with real chess skills if you are going to just copy what your opponent does, and regardless of what my old behavior analyst friend used to say, mirroring your opponents move absolutely positively does not bring you to their skill level, as this game demonstrates.

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