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Game Analysis

Game Analysis

Sep 3, 2017, 8:54 AM 0

I decided to rename this thread Game Analysis because that is what it should have been called in the first place.  In this game my opponent played a modern opening where he at first neglected pawn development only to lat er strike back in the center with wing pawn pushes, however, due to him losing a pawn, it didn't work in his favor because I later was able to gain two center passed pawns that really started to dictate my win at the end of the game.8

In hindsight, I realize he didn't have to take the pawn I gambited, this may have changed things.  I could have possibly lost my important passed pawn.  It goes to show this guy kept making little mistakes throughout the game.  I do things like that to, so I'm no one to talk.  I can pick other games where I made 3 mistakes that together cost me the game.  At my level, the object is to just not make mistakes, and wait till your opponent makes them.  happy.png.

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