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Game Analysis Part 2 About Day 3 of new rekindled Journey to chess improvement

Game Analysis Part 2 About Day 3 of new rekindled Journey to chess improvement

Sep 4, 2017, 9:45 PM 0

Have you ever thought you where winning and ended up losing with time?  I guess that happens to me a lot.  I think back to all the games I play and pretty much I often lose because I make a quick thoughtless move and then all of a sudden my opponents start playing perfect chess and win easily.


I decided that my problem is that I am playing blitz.  So I will try and make the transition to games with longer time controls.  I will start by playing 800 games with a 15|10 time control.  My goal is to start thinking about my moves.  I will play 10 of these games each day for 80 days, as well as spend some time studying the games I just played an analyzing them.  So I will start a chess journal on my journey for this 800 games.  The Journal will be here I guess.  


So here is my last 10 minute game I will post here for awhile.  In the future I will only play 3 minute games just for opening practice not caring about the result and not even bothering to analyze the games.  I will try and get 20 3 minute games a day.


The other part of my training will include a tactics regimen that I will not include here.  The program will take me a long time to complete.  The first part maybe 8 months.  The second part, I don't know.  The third, a couple months.  So the whole program might take me a little over a year to complete.  After that I hope I will improve my end game, tactical ability, and hone some strategy skills as the tactics include sets of those topics.


The first 800 games I don't expect to gain too much rating points I just want to get a feel for playing with longer time controls.  In the next 800 games (after the first 800) my goal would be to get to 1750 on rapid.  I know that is 250 points, but I think my speed will give me a slight edge on longer time controls I just need to get better at visualizing the pieces in my head which is what playing 800 games with longer time controls will do.  I will include 5 minutes a day of board visualization trainer.  I will also revisit Dan Heismans book a guide to chess improvement and relearn his thinking algorithm for chess and learn to apply it for every single move I make playing a long game, and augment it by always remembering to look for forcing moves first, checks, captures, and threats.


Anyway, enough said, here is my game:



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