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Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track

Sep 13, 2017, 8:46 PM 0

I was away for about a week so I wasn't able to play chess very much.  During my free time I was putting together a schedule for me to follow everyday for every aspect of my life.  Chess is just one aspect of my life.  I have constantly been working and reworking a schedule.  I just finished another one and to be honest I think I need to change it again.  It's a process.  I should have one by the start of next week though.


Anyway, I was only able to play two games while I was gone, here is one of them:


I guess it shouldn't surprise me that I won this person was about 100 points lower rated then I, and even though I made a mistake in the beginning I managed to win due to a blunder on my opponents part at the end.  this game isn't really instructive but it is a good example of the fact that most games at my level are won by blunders so the key focus is to work to reduce the amount of blunders.


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