Getting better at the game Part 2

Oct 24, 2015, 12:30 AM |

I still havn't gotten much better.  I'm learning, but my rating isn't getting any higher.  I havn't been going over the books I told myself I'd go over though!  

I'm 35 years old.  I may not ever become a master, but I at least want to get to a rating of at least 2000.  I know I need a lot of work to accomplish that, and right now I am seeking more guidance.  I posted on the forums and people recommended books by Dan Heisman, and I think buying those books where the best investment I've made.  I so far read the first chapter on chess improvement, and learned a lot of what I need to do to improve my chess rating.  In that book I was given books, and the order I should read them.  Over the years I have been buying chess book after chess book, and I've developed quite the collection of opening repertoire books, etc.  Chess is not the only area in my life I am trying to improve on right now, and I find it just as difficult comming up with a plan to improve on chess than it is to come up with a plan in other areas of my life.  

I now have an augmented plan to chess improvement.  I am first in the preliminary stage.  I've learned after reading the first chapter of chess improve that playing strengh is not the same thing as your rating.  I've come to realize that my actual playing strengh is actually a lot higher than my rating.  What needs to be done now is to improve on certain chess fundamenals, become a better chess analyst, and improving board vision, which should come by playing a lot more live standard games.  As of right now I havn't really played very many live standard games.  The goal in the next 80 days is to play another 800, analyzing each game shortly after I play it.  Some games I will take to others to analyze as well.  Right now I will be going over 3 books simultaniuously, and I have a general idea of what books to read next after I finish one book.  The goal is to read books on general principles first, then go over my opening repertoire books.  I will only use the opening books right now just to peak at them when one variation I have in them occur in my games.  I have my opening responses that I do not change, but when I play white I only play either e4 and d4, and right now I mainly play d4.  I learned a lot, hopefully someday I will be able to look back at this point and see how far I've gotten.  But for now first things first, I have to put in the time!

I recall a game that I played OTB.  It was a blitz game.  I will show you the position:

That is just one example of how a game can go from good to bad simply by disregarding what your opponent would do and just focus on what you are doing.