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Goliath Vs David...

Goliath Vs David...

Oct 6, 2017, 7:08 PM 1

I'm the Goliath in this case.  I'll call this guy Sam.  Sam takes too long to make his moves so I am forcing him to play with the clock now.  We are playing 30 minute games, and I only have 15 minutes on my clock.  It's more of a tortue  than anything I think because I am actually using the time he is thinking to think about my moves as well, and like I said, he takes a long time to think.  A friend of mine told me he just doesn't manage his time well and he just needs to get better at managing his time, but I don't think he understands.  I myself, am a slow thinker.  I think a lot about my moves, even in blitz.  Because of this, I often lose with time if the game is shorter than 5 minutes.  10 minute games I am decent enough in, but if the game gets dragged out, pretty much the answer is just to flag me.  


A long time ago when I started playing chess I played against someone who is a lot faster than any of the people we used to play with in that day.  He was so fast, that my friends actually convinced him to play us with a 10 minute vs 2 minute time control.  I was the best out of the three of us who challenged him in that time control, and I could only beat him once, a month... and we played about 3-4 days a week more than 20 games on each day that we played, 20 games each person I think, or so...  Funny thing is, Sam was one of these people that played him with this time control.  I got better, Sam didn't.


Sam wasn't as consistent as I was bad then so he didn't gain much from those early chess encounters, and he never learned how to think faster.


To give you an example of how slow this guy is we played 2 games with a 30 to 15 minute time control and I had over 10 minutes on my clock at the end of the game while he had lost with time at the end, and the first game I set the clock wrong so I had to reset the time midgame to the correct time control.  Though I myself used to be very slow back in the day of the 10 to 2 minute time control days with our friend, we'll call him Joe, I, was never as slow as this guy, though I did make a lot of improvements over the years, I am still slow...  


In short, a slow chess thinker will always be a little slow, not because they are dumb, probably because of the way they think.  They just take longer to form the same conclusions.  So I will try and do the same thing that my friend did with me, however, instead of starting out with 10 to 2, we will start out with 30 to 15 and I will gradually lower the amount of time I have until I start losing with time every once in a while and then at that point add until he only beats me once in a blue moon with time, like I did my friend a long long time ago.


But anyway here are some of the games I played against him that day.


So he has to learn to get quicker.  He also has to get better at tactics.  He also needs to realize that just because you move a pawn to attack a piece it doesn't mean it is an attack.  What if he moves the piece, did he think I would not have seen it???  Hope chess.  He has to expect the best move from me.  I do that for him...



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