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Goliath vs David Part 2

Goliath vs David Part 2

Oct 7, 2017, 3:11 AM 0

I played Sam again tonight.  Here is the first game:



Bad opening.  He was left with two bad options, and chose the lesser of the two evils, which was still bad.


Here is another game:



These games where at a 10 minute to 2 minute time advantage for him.  There is one more game at this time control.  Here it is:


Not really much to be said about that last game, just that he had a poor defense in the opening, and probably should just play something more normal, like take the pawn instead of just pushing another pawn to defend it.  He has a phobia of taking pawns I give him.


I'm not going to post any more games tonight but you see he has a lot of work to do to get better.  I think he needs to play more 10 minute to 2 minutes games with me because I don't think the extra time he spends when making moves helps him.  But I will test this.  I will see if the speed games messed with his head and start next time with 30 to 10 miinute games and see how he does.  I learned today that he plays a bad petroff because he is afread of the normal Nc6 openings that he gets into with me.  He may be learning bad super afraid opening style of play with playing me.  I think I need to find him a better opponent more suited to his level.


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