Improvement Plan
Dan Heisman

Improvement Plan

Jan 20, 2018, 5:45 AM |

Over the course of years I have written well over a hundred posts on the general forums in  I gave a lot of free advice.  I can tell you that I'm done.  I will not talk deeply about any book or any article or any video or whatever from here on out.  I've learned from my mistakes, and it's time to move on.  I actually wanted to delete every single one of my old posts, like the pansy Pheix, or something like that, I don't care anymore...  Anyway, that last comment was beside the point.  The point is I'm done answering posts predominately from trolls and sometimes from people who just say... THANKS.  Albert Einstein once said the definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  For a long time, I was going insane.  I kept answering beginner post after beginner post, only later to realize that answering them directly most of the time is not the way to go, plus a lot of them are just trolls.  The way to go is to just let that Kings guy do all the work, and to only help with specific questions, however, even then, the less that is said the better, or better yet most of the time, nothing at all.  Pfren.  I understand now why you don't answer people most of the time.  Apparently, I realized too late...  Watershoot changes his name to Pheix and now I can't even message him because ha I have to be his friend to send him a message ha ha ha ha.  If you ask me, Phreix, is a girl, trying to pretend she is a guy... wink.png


Girl or not, I think Phreix is still a pansy, and yes, the only reason why I want to get to 2200 one day if time permits, it's because so I can say I am better than that lame person who deletes all his posts and changes his name to hide from someone he thought was a troll.  Or, SHE.  I think he is a she.  Not a shehe though!  If you are a girl though Phreix I expect you to change your name yet again ha ha ha ha.  Not that you are reading this, just that maybe someone who knows you might and they might tell you, as you are quite popular given your forum posts and your rating, though I do believe you come across as an arrogant prick, which leads me to believe that you might just be a gay male, not that I am downing homosexuals just that in my experience gay guys are sensitive like girls.  But what do I know Phreix might be a masculine girl, which is prominent nowadays because alpha males are running short...


Okay, enough ranting, let's talk chess!  My Improvement Plan.  I just wanted to firstly say that my name is Albert De Leon, and I choose to be a Roman Catholic, not that I think all people that are not are wrong and going to hell.  Hell, I could be wrong.  Hell, I could go to hell for using the word hell inappropriately, but I am drifting from the point.  The point is, I come from a religious background, and because of it, along with the way I "took" it, I didn't learn a lot of things that I should have mastered right now at this point in my life and allowed myself to develop a mental Illness called Schizophrenia.    In hindsight, I see that had I of been more proactive, and done things differently, this would not have escalated into a mental illness, but, I cannot change the past, so I have to move forward, and try to create a better future that right now if I do nothing will not be very fruitful.


So on to my point, Improvement Plan, for, CHESS.  I've been going in circles in life and I have found that the only way to get myself to study and be more attentive in general is to 1.) take my meds (which I didn't do for a very long time and I can attest to the fact that that caused me to waste over 10 years of my life down the tubes), and 2.) Work out physically regularly.  Without that, I will not be able to STUDY CHESS.  Now, that it took me 37 years and 10 months to figure that out (I'm counting my months in the womb because I cannot definitely say I wasn't thinking at that point of time, unless I become a doctor someday, which probably will never happen so I'll just leave it at that, and later ask my friend, who happens to be a doctor.  


I've found it's often the simplest things that give me the most pain simply because I refuse to do the simple thing, and try to complicate things by doing something totally different, like instead of playing a lot of long games I spend most of my time playing blitz.  I realize now that is the thing that has kept me from improving, not, playing games with longer time controls.  A long time ago, someone told me on the forums that I need to read, A Guide to Chess Improvement, by Dan Heisman.  That was the best chess advice I was ever given in my life.  I've since then told people to do that very same thing.  Hopefully, this guy Dan is more well known now because I've written over 100 posts on telling people about his method.  At least I know more people know now.


My Improvement plan.  The staple of it is to play at least 800 games online on with a 45|45 time control.  I shot a bunch of streams of texts to Dan Heisman himself, and he told me to read a very important Novice Nook column, "My Top Ten Tips for Chess Improvement," (

and in it, I will say I know that is just one piece of the puzzle.  I've found that after reading as much of what Dan Heisman writes as I have, and have spoken and written to him personally, I've found his form of teaching chess causes you to put together the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle that is, chess improvement.


So my next step is to slowly get to expert level.  That is the long-term goal, my short-term goal with will probably be accomplished in 3-6 months if I keep on it, achieve a rating of `1800 on rapid time controls on  As per Dan Heisman's advice, I will now stay away from 15:10 time control.


No one article or post can explain how to improve in chess.  It is a huge topic, that most people don't want to talk about, simply because, they don't want you to become better than them!  But some people make a lot of money telling people about it, like Dan!  grin.png