Learning to defend against the French part 2

Oct 24, 2015, 12:08 AM |

This is the second of my installment blog of learning how to play against the French.  In my first game I included a game with a lot of inaccuracy's that costed me the game.  My moves in that game where not in harmony with one another, and due to poor opening choice, I was down a pawn in the opening.  Had I continued better in that game by not putting my rook to the 2nd rank I probably would have ended up losing the second pawn regardless if I saced the knight or not.  Just remember as a rule of thumb if you play that opening against the french, you will probably end up being down a pawn or two in the opening.  That was the takeaway I wanted everyone to have with that blog.

Here is the game I talked about where it ended up transposing into the same opening against the French.  I of course lose two pawns as usual.  In this actual game I had more chances to win, but I made a tactical mistake that costed me the game.  Even if I didn't make that mistake though, it would have been tough to win that game being down a pawn.  Best not to play games where you are down a pawn in the opening.  Here is the game:

I don't know maybe I could have gotten a draw in that game...  Oh well, the takeaway on this game is to remember that even in other openings you should be wary of transpositions that take you to inferior openings, like this defense to the French defense, which usually ends up at a certain point being down a pawn or two.