Minor Pieces Part 1 of Two

Apr 30, 2016, 10:42 AM |

I'm experimenting with a gambit playing as black.  So I often have games that go like this:

First off, I've seen a way to play and did some searching on my own and found a way to totally refute this gambit, however, most people don't see it.  The method of defeating this gambit is to take advantage of the weakness created  on the h5-e1 diagonal, but I'm not going to get into that.  I still think it's funny that most people don't even consider this so I have fun dilly dotting around with this opening just for kicks.
Anyway Here is the game:
If you ask me I would say white did a poor job with first letting me grab the center, then, traded his probably more useful knight for my bishop that was on passive defense, and also allowed me to have a monster doubled pawn in the center of the board, allowing me to continue on with the winning line.  
The moral of the story is a lot of people like to maneuver there knights like this guy did in this game for the soul purpose of just merely trading off their knight for their opponents bishop while doubling their pawns.  This however, is not always an advantage, as illustrated by this game.