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Missed Opportunities in games lead to disaster, or worse...

Missed Opportunities in games lead to disaster, or worse...

Jan 25, 2018, 11:06 AM 0
Here is a game I played against one of my friends with who is a lot better than I at blitz.  He opted for a more conservative approach while he had the white pieces in this game to which I believe was probably because he was tired of totally annihilating me when he plays his original opening with the Bc4 ideas that he has.  I'm not going to share his attacking plans for his other openings because they are a secret,wink.png however, I will tell you guys this; it's crazy, and I don't think it is in any of the books.
I just read a post written by a master I forget his name, it was an article, and he tells me the fastest way to get better is to study tactics.  So I guess I had the right idea in the past to implement a tactics regimen that is so crazy that no one with normal amounts of leisure time would be able to fit it into their schedule.  Luckily, I can.  So in addition to analyzing all of my games, and playing with stronger players every now and again, much stronger players, and, remembering to play a few 45|45 games daily, I will add my tactics regimen.  I will try to remember to go over some endgame stuff while I am doing that and watch old videos of the prodigy program I already purchased from awhile back.
Anyway, in this game, the tactics that were at play were really just tactics that occurred because of my strategy, which was to fianchetto my bishop and attack the dark squares in that diagonal, one being, the important d4 square.
So here is the game:


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