My thoughts on this response

Mar 5, 2016, 5:53 PM |

Of course this game isn't exactly forced all the way to the end.  I found a way to have a winning game with this tactic a lot of the time.  Anyway, time to play the Sicilian!  If you want to get better you have to play like your enemy would play!

After reviewing the game and looking at a paticular comment I saw that this continuation is really moot as white can simply take the knight and double two pawns, however, black would have the bishop pair.  That would be a bit risky but I think it would still be playable for black.  Any thoughts, rather than just post a continuation can you type your thoughts?  

Anyway, the continuation I came up with here is not the continuation I came up with before that I talked about in reference to this temporary knight sac.  I won't post that continuation anywhere.  Cool  It was just something I came up with at the spurr of the moment in less than a minute.  I'm glad someone responded now I see that it may have been faulty, but if you don't leave your thoughts your not really contributing much at all.