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Obsessive Fears
Kairav Joshi

Obsessive Fears

Jan 23, 2018, 1:40 PM 0
I owe this game to Kairav Joshi, who showed me an opening called the Fred Defense.
I noticed, despite the fact that my friend, who is not nearly as good as I in chess, who claims that I "play ultra conservatively," himself, decided a long time ago apparently, to never, in a million years, accept a gambit, or take a pawn when I push it initially attacking his pawn chain.  In my previous blog, I showed how this error of judgment along with making thoughtless copycat like moves cost him the game.  Here, I will show you how I play an inferior opening that resembles the Fred Defense a little, and he doesn't initially take the pawn, instead, he develops his pieces and later takes the pawn, then incorrectly defends that extra pawn, and actually ends up several pawns down and allowed himself to be laid victim to a tactic that will lose him much material or allow black to give mate all because he decided to hold onto a pawn.  Of course, it also had something to do with him thoughtlessly losing a piece.  He keeps making thoughtless moves in 10-minute blitz.  I know he is a slow thinker like me, however, I feel that it will take him a lot of time to gain the necessary pattern recognition to be fast at blitz.  I learned simply by playing, though, I didn't get much better over the years simply by playing alone, which is why now I am analyzing my games, both from strong opponents, and ones that aren't as good.  Here is the game:
I will continue to play this way with him till he decides to start taking the pawn.  Of course, another option would be to push...?  That could work too...


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