Piece Traders

Mar 9, 2015, 12:30 AM |

Ever come across any?  All they do it seems is trade trade trade.  It's almost like they don't even know how to play chess.  Your suppose to gain an advantage, and then!  Trade pieces and go into the endgame.  Don't just trade pieces into the endgame, it's going to be a draw, unless you don't know how to play the endgame, which means your going to lose so why the hell did you start trading pieces in the first place!!  

Bc4 is a pointless move because now a days it seems almost everyone  looks at that piece and decides they want it off the board and trades one of his pieces for it.  first they try to see if they can double your pawns while doing it, if they don't, they'll just trade bishop for bishop.  I'm getting tired of it.  Might as well say "draw?" when you play bc4!  I don't want to play e4 anymore.  I'm tired of losing the bishop.  Perhaps the Ruy Lopez?  That could work!  

I'm just rambling.  Rambling rambling rambling!  and then there is the queen fork!  OOO forking two pawns in the opening gaining one!  Can't defend both!!  How many times has that happened to me?  Why do I keep falling for it!  Why why why why why why why why?  

And then the early check with the queen but at the same time attacking a pawn!!  Oh yeah, there's that cheap tactic as well!  Win a pawn, and check the king!!  How many times have I fallen for that!!  Why why why why why why why why why why why why!

and then there is the silly move where knight moves to g5.  Normally it's silly but if the bishop is supporting it on the right diagonal then he can take a pawn!!!  Oh but sometimes there is a way to win the knight!  You loses but still a knight is a knight!  Then  what happens, you ignore the pawn and let him check you with the knight, not being able to take with your knight because of the pin!  Why why why why why why why why why why why!!

Part of chess is learning not to make mistakes.  At the higher level the person who wins is the person who makes the least amount of mistakes.  I make a ridiculous amount of mistakes!!!!  I don't even know if watching videos will help me I'm still going to make mistakes!  Is there a video on how to stop making blunders?!?!?!?!