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Rekindled drive to finish the climb!

Rekindled drive to finish the climb!

Sep 1, 2017, 6:37 AM 0

I don't really have high aims in chess.  I would be happy to achieve 2000 at one point, but I have guessed that at this point in life I may never reach any master title.  My goal a few months ago was to reach about 1650 or so in blitz here on chess.com, and maybe 1700-1750 in rapid here on chess.com.  This has been no small feat, simply because the opponents I face at the 1400-1500 level are actually pretty good at chess, and it's hard to climb to those marks.  I met people that believe it is possible for me to improve at my age and so I get some support from them, however, the hard thing about my improving is that I often just put chess on the back burner at times.  The answer, as always, is to get a regimen going, and stick to it.  The problem, I often get consumed at work, and end up not doing anything the rest of the day sad.png.  


I'm told that in 3-6 months I can achieve this goal I have.  If I can do that, it'll be a stepping stone, but I'd need a good training regimen to get going with this.

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