Sacrifice? But why? 6/12/2014

Jun 12, 2014, 7:57 AM |

I started playing chess when I was around 8 years old, but I havn't really started playing consistently till around 2004-2005.  I guess if you only count the time I started playing consistantly around the year of 2004ish that would add up to about 10 years of playing chess, however, I am not really that good.  I look at the amount of time I spent playing, and gather that I need to take a second look at the way I play, and do some actual chess study, as opposed to just playing the game.  I have a lot of chess games under my belt, however, I think if I am going to get any better I am going to have to start getting serious and analysing my game, reading chess books, watching videos on, and combine that with doing tactics for around an hour or two a day everyday.

Anyway, a big part of why I think my blitz rating is not that high is because I move too slow.  I got a lot better at chess because I played a guy who is a lot better than me for a lot of years over the board, and you know what?  In the beginning, he gave me an 8 minute advange?!?!?  Yup, I had 10 minutes to move, and he had only 2 minutes, and I never won a single game for a very long time!

Eventually my time advantage became less and less, until I had no time advantage.  I think I still need a time advantage though!

Anyway I am slow at blitz and make a lot of blunders!  In the beginning of my blog I would like to start by talking about the playing style of a person I have played over the board with since 2005 or 2006.  He's a good player, but everyone that plays him that is actually really good at chess says the same thing, he isn't a really good player, not because he isn't smart or doesn't know much about chess, but because of his style of play. 

He does a lot of things.  First a lot of games he does attacks that will only work if his opponent makes a mistake.  I remember a chess game where he just placed his queen in a position where if I just moved my knight out of the way, he could checkmate me.  So he spend the ending of the game just making pointless moves just waiting till I "made the mistake" of moving my knight out of that square.  Nah, instead of trying to open lines to get his rooks over to take out the guard that was preventing mate (ie my knight) like a real chess player would do, he just made dumb moves "hoping" I would just make the mistake of moving my knight out of that square, eventually I won one of his rooks for nothing and mated him :D.  In that game I was up a knight and he had nothing but two rooks and a queen.  I don't mean to make fun of this guy, I just wish he'd adbandon this idea that it is okay to just give away pieces without even checking to see if anything could be gained if those pieces are lossed.  It's okay to sac a piece, but only when you've planned for it.  All he does is blindly sac pieces to get the king out in the open and "hopes to get a mate."  Anothor thing he tries to do is just check pieces like the king or the queen blindlessly without checking to see if anything would become of it.  That's why he moves so fast you see.  He doesn't think about his moves a whole lot.  He just thinks, "ah I can check his king!"  or, "Ah I can attack his queen"  A lot of times he will move his knight 3 times in the opening.  Another thing he does is neglects development to move his queen around 3 or 4 times along with another minor piece to try and do a support mate in the early game after his oppenent castled.  He often occompanies this attack by castling his king to the opposite side followed by a pawn storm and or a rook lift.  Sometimes he'll try and open lines by purposely getting doubled pawns to help his attack.  These are all fine and dandy attacking strategies but what they do is neglect development of his own pieces and end up loosing the game for him if his attack doesn't work, and I have gone back through a lot of those games in my head after I just lost and found that if I wasn't pressed for time I probably would have found the sound move, and prevented mate, because most of those mates he's mated me in where preventable, and I know I need to exorcise more caution when castling my king to check and see if he has a quick attack. 

Anyway here is an opening of his, lets see what the reader thinks about it!