The Ellusive not so Obvious

Aug 18, 2014, 7:24 AM |

I recently found out I do better at 5 minute blitz than 3 minute blitz!  Anyway, as I started my 5 minute blitz career I stumbled onto a game where I didn't see an obvious move.  Before I leave you to solve the problem remember not to read what comes after the puzzle until you have solved the puzzle and gone through my diagram because what comes after is a spoiler!  Don't cheat :D... Here is the game:

So you see, sometimes, in rare occasions, the simple aquisition of material isn't always the best move.  In this example, if black takes the rook, and wins a rook, he will be up a knight and a rook, however, it will take him longer to checkmate.  Either way it is a win for black, but I just wanted to through this out there that sometimes there are cleaner wins than just blindly grabbing pieces.