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Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow is the Day!

Sep 17, 2017, 9:51 PM 0

The big day is tomorrow.  Where I again, decide to take on chess by storm.  The day I slowly but surely get better till I reach a certain mark!  The first mark for blitz is rapid 1750!  I'm not going to worry about blitz at this point because I think I need to concentrate on games with longer time controls at this point, but I will play a little blitz just for opening practice, not really caring about the outcome.


Anyway here is the game I played today!



I need to learn how to play solid like this every game.  I don't like my current opening repertoire...  I will probably leave it as it until I learn a lot more from it though.  In the meantime, time to start playing 10 15|10 games a day!

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