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Trying to get into my opponents head part 3

Trying to get into my opponents head part 3

Sep 2, 2017, 11:08 AM 0

I won this game, though I do think it's a good idea to pat myself on the bat everytime I win.  I should consider this a luck win, because after all, he did make a lot of bad moves.

So you see how the IQP can be an advantage.  In this game I used that pawn to make a support point for my knight that allowed me to later infiltrate with my queen.  If you ask me, that knight was more powerful than a rook, well worth me allowing to make the material even again by sacing my exchange, though, was it really even material if my knight was so powerful?  Thoughts?


All and all my opponent played fairly well, though I think anyone who plays into the IQP structure just doesn't know how nice it can be for white to have that dynamic advantage.  An IQP structure is both a dynamic advantage and a static weakness.  As you can see in the game I made use of it's dynamic advantage, though it may have turned into a static weakness had my opponent of saw my plan to infiltrate with the queen and play h5 instead of the pointless rook move he made.


I guess I knew more about IQP structures than my opponent, or I just got lucky.  It's usually good for white to have an IQP structure in this position, but this isn't always the case as you will see in another game I played in daily chess that I will post next time.

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