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What I've learned

What I've learned

Oct 13, 2017, 12:23 AM 0

After these games I realize I need to be more focused when I am being attacked and stop blindly developing and blindly castling.  Those are bad habits I picked up while playing 3 minute blitz.  Maybe I should play more 15|10 time controls to help me with not being so antsy on the move button.  I learned not to castle into an attack, and learned that I need not to panic when my opponent does a desparato sacrifice.  I think I freaked out when it happened and it made me eat up a lot of time trying to figure out a bad move.  I also learned that I still make blunders that cost me a half point.  I need to be wary on that, need to stop making so many blunders.  I need to check the threats every move, which often I don't do.






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