its just death

Feb 5, 2012, 10:03 AM |

It's not a suicidal thing. No, I never really even considered suicide as something could ever possibly happen.

Don't get me worng though I am all for suicide. Yeah suicide! I mean if a person actually wants to kill himself for  whatever reason,.... just go ahead I mean its really up to that person what they want to do with his or her or its life, wheather they want to grow up believing everything their congressman, banker, doctor, insurance swindler, real eastate thief, uuuhhh car salesman who are indescribably creepy in a nice way but still  horrible, member of that persons specific brand of religion if they have one, and as a result of that beleif and desire to "belong" they go right out and get themselves a giant burden to carry with them for the next 30 to 40 years courtesy of the local buisiness criminals, these burdens are ugly horrible things that do terrible things to mind body and spirt but we have been trained weel to think of them as "carreers" and we are led to believe that the buisiness criminals who we are selling ourselves to, dirt cheap are acrually doing us a favor in blessing us with one of there preicious Carreers. in which we owe the buisiness criminals huge chunks of our life getting in return a pittence of money that in actual value doesn't even come close to compensating us for what we have lost. All  this in order to become the ultimate and latest style in modern serfdom/slavery better known as "a consumer"

here I must interject thtat seeing this happen to people makes me want to yell at them "NNNOOOO don't do it man its a (expletive deleted) trap, a Trick, a ruse, a graff and a grift. run now while you still have a chance to make it!"

I would be lying though if I said that there really is no chance to escape or most regular folks.

or they could become some kind of other proffessional like one of the previously mentioned carreer paths the ones always sheparding us in one direction or another, the priest , teacher, doctor etc. to me they are much like those people who's job it was to stand outside the gate of the concentration camp and analize all the jews gypsies and homosexuals as to thier abilities to be utilized as slave labor rather than the much more expedient,....

why, what expediant am I talking about little timmy.... why of course its taking a shower in posion gas that burns out your insides starting with your lungs, and then its just a short hop on down the corridor for your cremation.

I of course realize that that seems harsh but basicly the system of medicine of education, and of so called "comunity service" are set up with specific goals in mind and those goals are not curing the sick, educting the young and the uneducated, or helping people out in tough times and showing them how not to be a burden on their fellow man and stand on their own too feet, if any of that stuff happens, from the systems point of view its purely accidental

Or you could even a sports star or musician or some other kind of artist but it doesn't matter all those "rich" and "beautiful" and "talented "people you see on TV every day they are no different then you or me, its what we all have been told we want but even when you do finally get all the money and fame that you can handle, your still the same person who is sitting there wearing your cloths and eating your food right now.

there are another kind of people the ones who you never see or hear of , they are the ones who own all that cargo comming in to every port around the world constantly around the clock, and they also controle 99% of the "wealth" on the planet. I tell you what they dont care about money, they have soooooo much freaken money thier whole family for generation apon generation could wipe themselves with nothing but hundred dollar bills and burn them for heat in the winter and still not give a you know what about money. they also don't care about politics, or religion or any of that clap trap that is used to keep our attentions averted.

Least of all my friends do they care about us, their faithful slaves, what are we to do. but the other side of that coin is the fact that we are also the only thing they have to fear because we are the only force in the world that could take it all away from them but we don't know about that power  and we are to lazy and dumb to do anything if we did know.

so there it is there.

My point my friends is that life isn't about money or love or salvation or sex or laughter.... etc. And loose the idea that for some reason you are supposed to be happy all the time stop looking for it everywhere, its not out in the world anyways if your looking you'll never find it because "happyness" is that pair of rubby slippers you've been wearing the whole damn time and if you would have just stopped looking for someone to help you... be happy..... get back to kansas... whatever and looked at yourself , you would have gotten what you wanted in the begining instead of the end,.....

but you still wouldn't of been happy.

So anyways life isn't about those things its about death, we are all dying right now, nothing is going to save us we all gonna die, thats it folks the big secret of life and the universe us, what's, behind, door number 2 please........iiiiiittttttssssssssssssss DEATH!

Don't get all crybaby depressed and sad now, don't go stop doing whatever your doing, don't make it more miserable for those around you by complaining even more then you do now. Just deal with it stand up and be a man or woman if you are an adult (children are way better at dealing with these ideas until YOU train all your fear and loathing into them usually while you are making them hurt and feel terrible in any number of horrible ways.(and all you parents that are shaking your head right now thinking "yeah those parents are just awful", I am talking to you. the worst ones are the ones who think and act like they are the best and there you no what don't stink and yours does because they can smell it from here.

Its simple your gonna die, and it really won't be that long at all before YOU are gonna be dead, and after 50 years people will rarely talk about you and after 100 nobody will even know you ever existed.

so die. live your life like you wont be here tomorrow, because some tomorrow you won't be and it is verry possible that tommorow is your day.