Continental Chess Tournament: Manhattan Open

Continental Chess Tournament: Manhattan Open

Jul 31, 2016, 6:11 PM |

As the first (paid) tournament I have joined since quite some time, and as a player only in my 1600's, I had to sign up for U1900 section, so it's a big challenge enough already. 

There were many fine players I have seen playing, and I made a few friends along the way, however what surprised me are the likes of GM Robert L. Hess, GM Alejandro Ramirez, and FM Leif Pressman (all familiar names to many here probably) also participated in this tournament. Well then again, the name of the tournament says it all.

I will post the first three games I have played in that tournament here, but I won't do any analysis, because a few of them will be at the forums section. These games are listed in the order I've played them.

The first two games I failed miserably as I either made careless blunders or that I failed to understand the position and did nothing to stitch it up.

One lesson I learned was not to drink too much coffee, for while it can help your mind open and clear enough to focus, too much at once can negatively raise your excitement level to the point where you lose cautiousness and miss moves. As I drank at least 15 ounces in total before each of the two games below.


Well of course, those opponents were tough enough for me anyways, so a bit of caffine's no excuse!

The last round of Day 1 I didn't consume caffine at all, so I'm guessing I had enough— Anyways, this match I did pretty well, even if I was against two knights and a rook with my rook and queen.

That's all there is for this time, feel free to make comments on my games and how I or the opponent should've played better (it would REALLY help)! Once again,the analysis of these games will go into forums instead.